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Hello Crescent Lake Neighbors:

The ice is off the lake and we are beginning another season of fun on the water. One fun activity we have on the lake is the July 4th activities. I don’t know the exact date of the fireworks this year but I assume it will be either on Sunday or Monday evening since the 4th is on Tuesday. Besides our donation of money, these activities require all of us to do a little work to make them happen. I know this is a busy time for all of us often having family and friends visiting and some of you do a great job decorating your boats for the boat parade.

I am starting early this year to ask you to sign up for a couple of hours of work and fun socializing with some of your neighbors. I am talking about the fireworks. We need help setting up the mortars the day before the fireworks usually this is about 10 am to noon. We need help the day of the fireworks loading and wiring all the mortars usually this is in the afternoon depending on when I can meet the supplier in Wausau to pick up the shells. We need help shooting off the fireworks (this only requires about 5 people) and we need help the morning after usually 10 am to noon to clean up the O’Melia property that he so graciously permits us to use each year.

I am asking you to sign up now to help by calling me and leaving me your name, phone number, how many of your family and friends will help and for which activity (setup, loading, shooting, or cleanup). Call 715-367-5065 and leave the above information and I will get back to you with the specific time for each activity once it is finalized.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Larry McKitrick

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