EWM Search on Crescent

September 1, 2011

Hi All,

We finished with the diving today at 12:30. We spent an hour at the landing, an hour (perhaps less) at the Bible Camp and about an hour at the portage. They did not find any EWM plantation growing in any of those locations. They were careful to point out that if there is one or two, or even a dozen shoots of EWM scattered about, or in some isolated spot it can be missed, even by divers, but they did not find anything.

The location by the camp has very little vegetation of any kind. The other two locations have quite a bit of vegetation and they were pretty methodic. I walked the shore at the portage and found decaying plants about 6” deep washed up all along the shore. I pawed through it and rinsed it out at regular intervals and I did not find any Northern or Eurasian Milfoil.

We got back to the landing after about 3 ½ hours out. We had to take about a 15 minute break because of lightning.

Jim Gehrke

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