Crescent Lake Association Winter Update

January 19, 2012

From: Glen Peterson, President CLA

The holidays are over, the lake is frozen over, fishing huts are scattered about, our weekenders and part timers have gone home for the season and a good share of our full timers have headed for warmer climes for the winter. So this is the quiet time of the year for Crescent Lake and the Crescent Lake Association.

For those of us still here, the next Crescent Lake Association meeting will be Tuesday, March 20th at 7:00PM at the Crescent Fire Hall on Golf Course Road. The program that evening will be presented by the two persons who have completed a two year riparian study of the Crescent Lake shoreline. Many of you no doubt observed them along your shoreline during the past two summers. You should find their findings interesting.

Also, we need to discuss the challenge of controlling the Purple Loosestrife outbreak on our lake late last summer as well as continue to conduct our boat inspections looking for Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM). Even though Purple Loosestrife is not as serious a problem as is EWM, it can be a nuisance if not controlled.

As soon as possible after “ice out”, we hope to accomplish two projects-#1) Conduct our first “raking” looking for any EWM that may have cropped up during the winter and, #2) Do what we can to reduce the growth of the Purple Loosestrife already on the lake. And of course begin our ninth year of boat inspections on Opening Day of the fishing season.

If available, please plan on attending the March 20thmeeting.


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