Newsletter – September 1992

Archived Newsletter – (credit: Jim Gehrke for this submission)   Crescent Lake Association   September 10, 1992

Greetings Neighbors

September is a beautiful month. It can be intolerably hot or downright bone chilling, but it always has oodles of color. The leaves begin their flamboyant exhibit and the Phlox, Goldenrod, Impatiens and Geraniums all scream for attention with their vibrant blooms. This year our September garden is more like the usual August one. It’s a race to se if the tomatoes, corn and cucumber ripen before the frost arrives. Our lake never reached a very warm temperature this summer but its tranquil acceptance of nature’s fickleness should be a lesson for all in the virtue of patience.

August Meeting

The speaker at our August meeting was Jack Young, chairman of the Town of Crescent. Jack brought a chart showing that only 6% of our tax dollar goes to the town government. The Town Board, consisting of Jack, Bob Groves and Ed Kriha, make every effort to spend that money as wisely and efficiently as possible. Jack also brought us up to date in current and rumored town building projects and mentioned that the Crescent Fire Department would like to build a satellite fire station somewhere along Hy 8 to upgrade the department and to locate where they have faster access to the main population base of the town. Pat Loduha, president of the Smokey Bears auxiliary, mentioned that they have several thousand dollars in the treasury and wondered if the town would accept the donation of land for the new station. She was told to bring the matter to the town board meeting. Subsequently the board voted that they would accept a donation of land.

New Secretary and Treasurer

Hearty thanks to the two generous volunteers who stepped forward to assume the association offices. Marge Olson of Wausau Rd has taken the secretary appointment and Donna Lassusire of Virginia Lane will handle the treasury. I’ll continue writing the six newsletter per year. It’s great to know there are so many people willing to help keep our lake community a warm and caring neighborhood.

Fishing contest

The contest continues until September 30th, so be sure and register your big catches. at Markowski’s Crescent Park REsort on Hy 8. The REsort has some new $20 collared sweatshirts with songbirds or hummingbirds and the lake name – they’d make great Christmas presents!

October Field Trip

Our October meeting will be a first for the association. The board decided to make the October 3rd meeting a field trip to the Lac du Flambeau Indian Reservation. We’ll all meet at Crystal Roc on Hy 8 and car pool the 47 miles up to the reservation to tour the museum, hatchery, housing and casino. We will be lunching at a reservation restaurant so we’ll have to let them know in advance, how many will be eating. We’re not sure exactly how many hours to set aside for the trip, but if you need to get home by a certain time, you could take your own vehicle. We’ll meet at Crystal Rock at 8:00am on the 3rd. Please call Eileen at 282-5702 or George at 282-6163 by September the 20th, to make a reservation for the lunch. All family members and guests are welcome and we hope Colorama will be in full swing and our caravan of lake dwellers will travel in the blazing glory of crimsons, golds and oranges to view the lands of our Indian neighbors. Please join uf for fun, education and to promote the type of friendship and neighborliness that can break down the insidious ethnic walls that foster hatred and prejudice.

Hope to C U there,

Eileen Ronyak
Newsletter Editor