Newsletter – June 1981

Route 4 – Box 1950
Rhinelander, WI 54501
June 8, 1981

Hi Neighbor,
Whether you’re full time Crescent Lakers or part time lakers –
welcome to Summer, 1981! The year round residents weathered this past
winter very well and the lake returned to a liquid state on April 8th
this year. This was quite early and due to early Springlike temperatures
and a fairly mild winter. The association was inactive the past several
months but now we’re all eager to meet you or to renew our acquain-
tance with you.

The dates for the club’s four meetings of 1981 are set. They are
all Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm at the Crescent Lake Bible Camp. The four
Tuesdays are: June 23, July 21, August 18, and October 20. We hope that
by informing you of these dated ahead of time that you can attend one
or more of the meetings and help to create and maintain that warm sense
of community that makes our “neighborhood” a nice place to be.

Our association consists of 137 households now thanks very much to
the active membership committee led by chairman Shafeec Mansour. There
are many relatively new members so we will strive to acquaint you with
the club’s purpose. According to the club bylaws the objectives of the
organization are: a. to improve Crescent Lake and the adjacent area; b.
to promote activities that will improve the fishing, swimming, boating,
and beautification of the lake; c. to provide a liaison between the
Crescent Lake property owners and the Crescent Town Board: to foster good
fellowship and civic interest at all meetings of the association.

In the past the club has worked hard to remain committed to these
goals and all members are very welcome to come and help plan projects,
present programs of interest to the association, report on lake or area
problems or just to come and listen, partake of the refreshments and
be informed by the program or entertainment of the evening. The June
23rd meetingn promises to be a lively one. We’ll discuss a possible
association fishing contest, and island restoration project and an
association picnic or social. There will be a generous door prize
for some lucky member attending and a very interesting twenty minute
tape and film on the loon. As we will see in the film we are quite
privileged to have the ion choose Crescent Lake as a nesting area and
it is a distinct credit to the clarity of our lake water because loons
will only nest near clear water.

We’ve added a copy of the Wisconsin Boating Regulations to this
letter so that you and family members and guests can bone up on the boating
safety and etiquette. Knowing these rules and using them can help avert
a lake tragedy.

Also enclosed is a notice of annual dues due. These can be paid
at any meeting or can be mailed to the address listed at the top of this
letter. Thanks go out to all of you members for your prompt payment of
dues in the past. Because of this we can keep the dues at $3.00 per year.
We wish you a wonderful summer and hope to see you a the meetings.
Come by car, boat, foot or bicycle and bring your neighbor or a guest –
the more – the merrier!

C U There June 23rd,
Eileen Ronyak
Secretary – Treasurer

Note to readers…
If any of you have old newsletters of the association, please contact Jim Gehrke at 715 360 3993. I have an extensive collection (Thanks to many contributions from early members.)
The earliest is this entry from 1981. The association was established in 1970. Newsletters were begun shortly after that. If you have some, I will scan or retype them and return them if you wish.

Credit: Jim Gehrke for submitting this archived newsletter