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Crescent Lake From 39,000 Feet

Crescent Lake Aerial

Here is a story that will give you a little different “view” of Crescent Lake… a “view” from 39,000 feet!

Charlie Peterson is the son of Glen and Mary Peterson. He is a Senior Captain flying the Boeing 777 for United Airlines based at Chicago’s O’Hare Field (ORD). He has been flying with UAL 32 years. Early in his career he also flew A-7’s for 11 years with the Iowa Air National Guard while at the same time flying with United.

Captain Peterson currently flies 80% of his flights nonstop to China (Hong Kong and Beijing) and Tokyo. The other 20% of his flight time is spent cruising to Honolulu. The Far East flights go north to and from ORD over northern Wisconsin to the east or west of Rhinelander on the Polar route and on either side of the North Pole. (Not a bad gig!)

On Thursday, February 9th at 3:45 PM, he was returning to ORD after a 15 hour flight from Beijing at 39,000 feet and 8 miles west of Crescent Lake when he took the picture from his left seat cockpit window with his iPad and sent it to his parents two minutes later.

He has flown close to or nearby Rhinelander (RHI) numerous times but this was one time the visibility was very clear.

Charlie has been coming to Crescent Lake since 1972 as a 12 year old boy and knows the lake quite well.

His father, Glen, retired from UAL after spending 34 years in the cockpit.

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