Larry McKitrick report

Larry McKitrick, chairman of the Fireworks shared his report and thanked the countless folks that made this year’s display so awesome. As you know, it was so disappointing that the fireworks were postponed for the 3rd of July. About 3:00, while Larry and his dedicated crew were preparing to wire the fireworks, they checked the weather reports. A storm was predicted to come into our area about 7:00pm that night. If the fireworks got wet or even damp, they would not ignite properly which could have wasted our fireworks. An emergency meeting was called with the 4th of July Committee. Other weather websites were reviewed and a decision was made to POSTPONE. We made lists of how to inform you and the public. An E-blast was sent to our member’s email addresses. Others made phone calls to the TV and radio stations in our area. Many sent personal emails in attempt to inform you of the change in plans. Yes, we were all disappointed that night. However, on Saturday, July 4th at dusk the Binder Clan sang the National Anthem and Larry’s crew worked their magic as they shot off one after another breathtaking firework. Clapping, cheers and squeals of amazement were heard all over the lake. Oh the joys shared with family, friends and your neighbors! Thank you Fireworks Team!

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