• Update on EWM on Crescent Lake

JULY 2015

AIS Report July 18, 2015

by Jim Gehrke

One item on the May Crescent Lake Association meeting agenda was “AIS Crisis”: Little did we know that, what was referred to as a crisis, would become a tsunami by July 13.

Strangely enough eight members of our lake association did the usual monitoring on June 23. We tossed the rake between two and three hundred times and found no plants that we suspected were EWM. Continue reading ‘• Update on EWM on Crescent Lake’

• AIS Update

• Healthy Lakes Workshop

INVITATION: August 21 Healthy Lakes Workshop


Below is an announcement from the DNR regarding an upcoming Rhinelander Workshop on the Healthy Lakes Initiative grant.  It is to be held August 21 (Friday) at the Newbold Town Hall.

Everyone – Please pass the agenda along to anyone you know who may be interested in attending.

I attended last month’s workshop in Spooner, both as an attendee and a presenter.  I thought it was excellent.  A lot of good info on how the grant works, as well as an overview of the types of projects covered under the grant.  Our family was fortunate enough to be one of the first to complete a project under this grant.  I’ll be giving my presentation, “A Citizen’s Perspective”, again in Rhinelander.  It attempts to tie in what attendees just learned with a real-life case study.  I am also inviting attendees to visit the project on our property at the end of the workshop.  The HL projects on our property are a small part of an overall larger naturalization plan, and they fit nicely with work that is currently in progress with the Oneida County L&WC Dept under the Oneida County/DATCP cost share program for restoration/naturalization.  My thanks to Oneida County for being helpful with coordinating this work.

Hope to see you there.

Dan Butkus

Pamela J. Toshner  – DNR – (Pamela.Toshner@wisconsin.gov) wrote:

Hi!  We are set for a Healthy Lakes Workshop on Friday 21 August at the Newbold Town Hall from 1-4 p.m.  Dan Butkus has kindly offered to showcase his property for a site visit after the workshop.  Below is the announcement I’ve used in the past.  Please share it or craft your own and distribute this invitation to your networks.  Feel free to delete my signature line.  Let me or Patrick Goggin know if you have any questions.  Thank you!

Greetings!  You are invited to a free Healthy Lakes Workshop at the Newbold Town Hall from 1:00-4:00 p.m. on Friday 21 August with a site visit to the first official Healthy Lakes project on Squash Lake afterwards.  Healthy Lakes team members and Squash Lake president and project participant will share an overview of this great new initiative, as well as technical, administrative, and sociological information for developing and implementing projects. The workshop has a 35 person cap so please RSVP, ASAP, back to me.  Feel free to distribute this invitation to your networks.

In the meantime, check out the following link for the for the Healthy Lakes scoop:  http://tinyurl.com/healthylakes.

A confirmation email with final agenda, directions, and any other relevant information will be shared with attendees the week before the workshop.

Thank you!

We are committed to service excellence.
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Pamela Toshner
Lake Biologist – Water Quality Bureau/Water Division
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
810 West Maple Street
Spooner WI  54801
Phone: (715) 635-4073 Desk (715) 795-0102 Mobile

• Friend of the Lake 2015 Roger Shandley

RogerShandleyOfTheYearA lake resident since 1987. Served on the Crescent Lake Association Board for 2 terms. Has done volunteer boat inspections at the landing for 12 years. Organized fireworks records. Chair fireworks committee for 3 years. Mentored fireworks display for 2015. He and his family have contributed many hours ordering, setting up and taking down and clean up for the annual Fourth of July Fireworks display. Roger has also helped set up the town hall for member rmeetings as well as take down and clean up after the meetings. It is with great pleasure that we recognize Roger as the 2015 Friend of the Lake.

• A Big Thank You!

To all those wonderful volunteers who helped with the fireworks, I would like to send out


Joel Knutson did a great job of orchestrating the fireworks as usual. We had a couple of pauses but not due to Joel. It was electronics not firing as planned. Steve Mabrey did a good job building us a raft for the fireworks flag but unfortunately the flag was a bit of a dud. Continue reading ‘• A Big Thank You!’

• Concerns: Boat Inspection Program

TO: All Crescent Lake residents
FROM: Glen Peterson, Crescent Lake resident

This letter could very well be titled “THE CRESCENT LAKE BOAT INSPECTION PROGRAM NEEDS HELP!!!” The following facts illustrate why that help is needed. During May and June the program needed 76 shifts manned on weekends. According to the Shift Duty website, we only manned 46 shifts. Needless to say, this is not good. Continue reading ‘• Concerns: Boat Inspection Program’

• Fireworks Slideshow

The fireworks slideshow from Saturday night, July 4, 2015 is up and active in the right sidebar. Look for “Fireworks Slideshow 2015,” or click here: 2015 fireworks slideshow