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• 2016 EWM removal

2016 EWM removal

2016 EWM removal

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• 2016 Friend of the Lake

Meet TERRY GOLDBACH – the 2016 “Friend Of The Lake”

Terry Goldbach

Terry Goldbach

Terry Goldbach moved to Crescent Lake in 1982 and since that time, he has been a very busy man and a true “Friend of the Lake”.

Early in his residency here on Crescent Lake he was an advocate in attempting to start a water skiing show here on the lake.

He was also a “foster parent” of a loon nest on Bible Camp bay.

The Boat Parade over the July 4th holiday has seen Terry piloting is “craft” as well as serving as the Parade Marshall one year.

Terry has served on the Board of Directors of Crescent Lake Association and has been involved with the inspection of boats at the boat landing since the inception of the program.

In the most recent years, we have seen Terry as the chairman of Crescent Lake’s First Response Team. His devotion to monitoring our lake for aquatic invasive species and prepairing for a plan to respond to such a threat has been appreciated by all of those who love our beautiful lake.

Since the initial discovery of Eurasian Water Milfoil one year ago, Terry has been our liason with Onterra, the professional organization that monitors our lake for invasive species, and APM who come to Crescent Lake to remove the plants.

Terry not only is the the one who deligates, he is also personally involved with lake monitoring and has experimented with laying materials on the floor of Crescent Lake.

As you can see, Terry Goldbach remains very active in The Crescent Lake Association. We are proud to have a man with such dedication helping to preserve Crescent Lake as a beautiful place to live and play.

• June AIS Report

June 2016 AIS Report
by Jim Gehrke

Boy, have we had a lot happening on Crescent. Onterra, the company that we have contracted to help us control EWM, was here on June 8 to do a survey of the lake to see how much EWM we have at present, how concentrated it is, and how much it has spread to other parts of the lake. They were here for almost a full day and marked the spots by way of a “point intercept” GPS. To survey they meander the lake shore.

They had good news, and bad news. Continue reading ‘• June AIS Report’

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