• Message from Nancy Sattler

Hello all!  This week I worked on a chart that will be very interesting for you.  It shows which lakes our boaters have been to prior to coming to Crescent. Continue reading ‘• Message from Nancy Sattler’

• Tansy Invasive and Boat Landing Shifts

Tansy, an invasive plant

Tansy, an invasive plant

Hello! This week I have included the DNR fact sheet about a very common invasive plant – Tansy. I’m sure that many of you recognize this plant and know someplace it is growing in your area. Fact sheet is here. Continue reading ‘• Tansy Invasive and Boat Landing Shifts’

• AIS & Update

Hello!  I hope you’ve all been enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been having!  I know that many boaters have been at your launch, and many of your neighbors have been helping monitor the boats at the launch.  So far this year we’ve logged 352 volunteer hours.  Our goal is 700 for the year, so we will need to ensure all shifts are covered through September! Continue reading ‘• AIS & Update’

Town of crescent website

Town of crescent website.

• Boat Landing Signups Needed

Hello!  It was nice to see so many of you at the picnic meeting on Saturday!  Thank you for using the sign up sheets there to book upcoming shifts.  If you signed up on those sheets, I’ve added your shift to the online schedule. You will be getting email reminders of those shifts, Continue reading ‘• Boat Landing Signups Needed’