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• 4th of July Events

4th of July events - 2016

4th of July events – 2016

• New Signage

CLA-MilfoilMap-proof-January2016New Signage

By Darrel Mack

The discovery of Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM) in Crescent Lake has led the Crescent Lake Association to take an aggressive proactive approach to this problem.  Those of you that use the public landing or have volunteered your time checking boats are familiar with the old signage currently posted at the landing that reads: “This lake does not have Eurasian Milfoil.  Please inspect all boating equipment carefully before entering.”  It was necessary to make changes to that posting due to the discovery of the aquatic invasive species (AIS).

A new sign will be posted in April to help with preventing further infestation of the milfoil.  The new signage includes a map of Crescent Lake and its weedy areas in the lake.  The milfoil was found and harvested by the boat landing and west shore in 2015.  If it is going to spread by its natural fragmentation, it is more likely to take hold in the shallow areas of the lake and be found where native plants are growing.

The Association is asking recreational boaters pulling skiers and tubers and jet skiers to try not to disturb these sensitive areas.  Big power motors tend to disturb and chop weeds and hinder our progress at keeping this invasive plant at bay.

Please help us by informing your family members and summer guest of these areas.  Show them the map and make them aware of, and educate them about the importance of our problem.  There is plenty of lake out there in which to enjoy your passions.  Please help us keep our lake as clear as possible of Eurasian Water Milfoil by doing your part to help prevent its spread.

• The State of the Fishery – 2015

The State of the Fishery 2015

                                                               By Darrel Mack

Good news for the Crescent Lake angler this year. Walleye and Muskie fisherman should take notice of the information I attained from a conversation with John Kubisiak, fish biologist with the DNR.

The walleye population is up for this natural population lake that does not receive walleye stocking. The Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission (GLIFWC) (This is made up of certain Indian tribes that have a grant to shock the counties’ lakes and survey their populations) completed a mark-recapture walleye estimate on Crescent Lake this spring. They found a high density population of 7.36 adult walleyes per acre. The predicted value for an “average” 612-acre lake supported by natural reproduction is 3.3 adults per acre. The DNR estimated 5.6 walleye per acre in 2010. The GLIFWC estimate is significantly up for our lake. If you talk with anglers on the lake though, they are saying they’re having a hard time finding and catching them.

I have a theory as to why this maybe happening. Treehaven students and a professor from Stevens Point were shocking the lake this summer. I asked them if they were finding anything of interest. (This is when the milfoil was discovered) The professor stated that the lake has an extremely high volume of shiners and blunt nosed minnows. They were shocking thousands of these two bait fish along with suckers in the shallow waters. Now ask yourself, would the walleyes prefer eating natural food or some other bait (artificial or live) that you are presenting to them? I don’t know the answer, but there may be a correlation. Fisherman and ice fisherman should not empty minnow buckets into the lake or their holes at the end of the day’s quest. This may be contributing to an over abundance of bait fish reproduction in the lake.

Some members may have seen the lake being shocked in late September this fall around 10:00 pm. This was not the DNR, but the Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission doing the fall follow-up survey. John Kubisiak will share this with us when it is submitted.

Muskie anglers will be happy to know that the lake received 153 muskie fingerlings on September 15 of this year. They averaged 11.7 inches in length. We are also going to receive 154 fingerlings in 2016 and every even numbered year after that.

All the information seems to indicate that overall, the Crescent Lake fishery is doing quite well. I hope the 2016 fishing season bears this out for you. I would be interested in hearing about your successes or disappointments as the year progresses. Happy fishin’!

• Save The Dates!

– May 21, 2016 Saturday 9:00AM Brunch

– July 16, 2016 Saturday Noon Annual Meeting and Potluck

– October 15, 2016 Saturday 5:00PM Meeting and Volunteer Recognition

Hope to see you there.

• October AIS Update

• AIS Update